Phone calls.

Whether we make them or wait for them, the excitement of such banter can be memorable. However, can moments hinge on simple words? I doubt it.

I am getting older. Although I do not believe this provides me any tangible advantage, I do have perspective to make better decisions. I still believe in my boyhood ideals, only now I make them happen, instead of dreaming.

I loath disappointment, but it happens. People promise all the time. . .can they fulfill it? Sometimes. You know what I mean and it is not about us. You say something is valuable, let us say, “a friendship”. How do you show that? How do you mean it?

We do not stumble across extraordinary moments, we plan them or we live them from our hearts – we mean it.

Would you do the things you ask of me? An unplanned late call – from me this time, not you, for instance: would you make that walk or would you let me make it?

I am not a poet. Nevertheless, I know how to see.

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