Yet another great morning

So, I tend to wake up around 6, spend 20 minutes reading the headlines and sending out emails, then proceed to a run. This morning I went jogging with a friend who is a bit more of distance runner than I am (which doesn’t take much to qualify in this category). Alas for me, the combination of rugby on Sunday, basketball on Monday and a 6 mile run today has left me feeling, in a word, sore.

You only tend to think about these things after your exercise routine is over, as the lactic acid build up and general soreness tends to take up thoughts as you sit and reflect. I think it is a bit much to complain over and over again about these things (though I have been doing so over the past few days), so I would like to write a little bit of how beautiful it is here.

Because it rains so much in England, it is a very lush and green country. There are so many amazing parks and gardens here. Today I took a detour from my usual routine as I met up with my new running friend and we ran around some very beautiful park grounds that I had not previously seen. The best part was a stretch where a short pond follows the running path to the left; this morning a family of ducks was swimming up the pond in perfect unison, a mother, father and 5 to 6 ducklings.

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