The days are longer in the summer. We put off so much during the year, I like to think of this time of year as an opportunity to catch up. Maybe it is something out of tradition. From those summer breaks between school as a child or from the months away from the bustle of University. We are patterned to think of this time of year of one of recharging, relaxing and regrouping.

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15 minutes

You know you are pretty busy when you break your life into 15 minute increments. I have approx 5 minutes to write something now, as I need to get back to more pressing appointments. So to provide a glimpse, things I am thinking about: studying, fitting in another jog, friends, people I need to call back, my to do list and some other things in between.

4 minutes left. What new adventures remain this week? Boat cruise with the lawyers, possible though the conversation will be filled with legal references. Breakfast club with the finalists, possible though they will be stressed. The 3 books I am reading for fun on top of my work, most likely.

1 minutes left. It is good to have something left over. Until next time . . .

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Yet another great morning

So, I tend to wake up around 6, spend 20 minutes reading the headlines and sending out emails, then proceed to a run. This morning I went jogging with a friend who is a bit more of distance runner than I am (which doesn’t take much to qualify in this category). Alas for me, the combination of rugby on Sunday, basketball on Monday and a 6 mile run today has left me feeling, in a word, sore.

You only tend to think about these things after your exercise routine is over, as the lactic acid build up and general soreness tends to take up thoughts as you sit and reflect. I think it is a bit much to complain over and over again about these things (though I have been doing so over the past few days), so I would like to write a little bit of how beautiful it is here.

Because it rains so much in England, it is a very lush and green country. There are so many amazing parks and gardens here. Today I took a detour from my usual routine as I met up with my new running friend and we ran around some very beautiful park grounds that I had not previously seen. The best part was a stretch where a short pond follows the running path to the left; this morning a family of ducks was swimming up the pond in perfect unison, a mother, father and 5 to 6 ducklings.

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Election Night 2010

Ok . . . that was quite an education in British Politics. Stayed up all night with friends watching the returns, passed out around 3AM and woke every hour after asking, “Is it over yet”? Well, it seems the British people have spoken, but the political system still has to do the final writing to present what is next.

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Walking back for an appointment, I bumped into someone reading a book about time. The nature and philosophy of time. Now that is a bit too abstract for me to really get into, but the general topic of time is something I have been thinking about a lot lately. How much time to complete one project, how much time to dedicate to another, how much time has happened since X, how much time till Y event occurs, etc, etc.

I say often to others, seize the day, make it happen, don’t wait, go, go, go . . . my favourite movie as a child was ‘Dead Poets Society’ and the message of the film has long been with me. However, there are many times when I don’t live up to this, but circumstance has a way of robbing our messages at times. That aside, I try to learn quickly and make adjustments, another of my favourite themes. Do you?

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2nd week

Is after the 1st. US news is quite busy and the British General Election will close in a few days. This weekend was extremely eventful; capping a week filled with travel, food, cocktails and conversation. Several writing projects are beginning to take form, work is very busy but organized and further studies are well, developing.

Thinking about how to maximize time, where to put emphasis and writing letters. Just write!

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Beautiful morning

Still writing left over work, but have taken note at how such beautiful it is this morning. I am rushing myself to a self-imposed deadline that I will surely break, as I am writing here instead of where I need to be, but my mind is drifting to other beautiful mornings gone past. I look more forward much more than I look back, but in doing so it is so critical to not take for granted things we have had, which I think we can all do if we are not careful.

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Since childhood, England has been a second home. In fact, I have spent more time in England than I have my native United States . . . I landed at Heathrow this afternoon and started thinking about this. It’s funny, in so many ways I am the quintessential American, heavily influenced by my military upbringing and conservative parents, but I believe it inevitable that I have been influenced significantly by this country though very separate from me, has been such a big part of my life.

I have essays to write this evening and though I would rather be exploring a new bar in London or having a talk with friends while walking along the Thames and overlooking Parliament, I am content as I am back in this country I have great affection for and look forward to what adventures remain.

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Luis Fernando Verissimo

Tuesday night headed to Verissimo’s . . . food was good, jazz was better, learning more about the owner of the Bar, even more interesting. 70 years old, playing sax in his own place . . . this guy is officially my hero.

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Via Olimpia

This is a great part of Sao Paolo. Monday night was out with 2 colleagues, we had a never ending meal and cocktails; the local favourite is the capriana. Now, I made the mistake of not respecting this drink — as an avid martini drinker, I question most. Well, 3 later and I was throughly making a fool of myself, not that it takes much.

After dinner we headed to a little cafe where some live music was playing. After making an appearance the music shifted from Portuguese to English for the rest of the night! I requested Billy Joel over and over again, but was greeted with some of my other favourites: Journey, Aerosmith, Chicago and the like. I managed to avoid dancing, to the entertainment of others, but singing along in tone deaf sounds was of course required.

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