Somewhere over the atlantic . . .

(Listening to Ignition (a cover from R. Kelly)….The Hangovers – Cornell University)

“Sipping on coke and rum…bounce, bounce, bounce….Privacy on the door……”

So I have finished up 2 weeks in fair Boston. Having lived there for 5 years of my life, it was quite a nostalgic trip. In thinking about it, I have lived longer in Boston than I have any other part of the world, but it feels much more behind me, than ahead.

(Listening to Leaving Las Vegas….Sheryl Crow…..being brought back to High School)…

“Life springs external, on a guarded neon street…I pour a drink and pull the blinds….”

EMBA V will be making an appearance for a dinner party at the Meinert abode this weekend. With little room (London), no menu and just one day to prepare, this shall be interesting. But these are good challenges to have.

(Listining to something I will not admit)

“Another day another drama…I’m Mrs. lifestyles of the Rich and Famous….”

switching songs…

(Listining to Ignition….I love this song)

“Usually I don’t do this…I’m not trying to be rude…”

OK….I really need to go to sleep. Catch you on the other side of the A.

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